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List of Thyroid (And Related) Events

List of Thyroid (and related) events
Originally published on 7th October 2016
Last updated on 24th February 2020

The below dates and events are listed here for ease, so that we have all the relevant events to hand, in which we can raise awareness of thyroid disease and various related topics.

– Thyroid Awareness Month

Is always held in January

– (National) Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month

Is always held in March. It’s often referred to as ‘National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month’, focusing on the US, but I believe we should make it an international event, so I refer to it as simply Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month.

– International Women’s Day

Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism affect 8-15 times more women than men. Learn why it’s a feminist issue here.

International Thyroid Awareness Week

It was from the 25th May – 31st May in 2019 and should be similar dates in future years.

– World Thyroid Day is always on the 25th May

A very popular annual event.

– Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Is always held in September

– World Suicide Prevention Day

Always on 10th September. Mental health and thyroid conditions are very closely linked.

– Invisible Illness Awareness Week

It was from the 26th September – 2nd October in 2016.

– Thyroid UK’s Thyroid Awareness Week

The charity Thyroid UK celebrate Thyroid Awareness Week in October

– World Head and Neck Cancer Day

It was on the 27th July in 2018 and I suspect a similar day in future years.

– Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Always held in October.

– World Mental Health Day

Always on 10th October.

If you believe I’ve missed any relevant awareness weeks/months/days etc. then please do let me know. 

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