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In terms of collaborations and sponsorships, please be aware that all of these are always true and honest in my opinions of products and services. I only collaborate with people and brands that I feel are a natural fit.

Researching Thyroid Information

Services I Offer:

  • Social Media Sponsorship: Featuring your product or services on my social media with a sponsored post. Includes Facebook, Instagram and Threads. (links to past examples can be provided upon request)
  • Newsletter Sponsorship: Featuring your product or services in my fortnightly email newsletter, with thousands of recipients and a high open rate. (links to past examples can be provided upon request)
  • Sponsored Website Article: Reviewing your product or services in an article published on my website, which receives over 200,000 views every month. View examples here.
  • Freelance Writing: Writing an article for you to publish on your site. (links to past examples can be provided upon request)
  • Guest Article: Hosting an article written by yourself, on my website. This can link out to your products and services. View examples here.
  • Speaking at Your Event (online or in person).
  • Hosting Your Event (online or in person).
  • Being a Guest on Your Podcast. View examples here.
  • Being Available for Interviews (radio, TV, magazines, etc.)

Please contact me for more information on these opportunities, including rates. I am also open to other ideas!

Email: [email protected]

Why Should You Work With Me?

  1. I am the leading UK thyroid health advocate, with an engaged and connected following.
  2. My social media following comes to 200,000 people. My email list has a further several thousand sign ups.
  3. I have worked with and had my advocacy work endorsed by: The National Academy of Hypothyroidism, Monitor My Health (NHS lab), The BBC, Health Central, WEGO Health, Stop The Thyroid Madness, Social Health Network, Thyroid UK, The Thyroid trust, Medichecks, ThyroidChange, BBC, MSN, Yahoo News, Dr. Antonio Bianco, and so many more.

Key Achievements:

  • I am a multi-award winning and multi-bestselling author. View my books here. I have also written forewords for other books.
  • I have been a speaker at numerous events, including those for Health Union, Medichecks, Thyroid UK, The Thyroid Trust and The Annual Thyroid Conference.
  • I have appeared as a guest on countless podcast shows, TV and radio, speaking about thyroid disease awareness, advocacy and more.
  • I was interviewed for a television documentary by London Live
  • I have been interviewed by the BBC; on BBC Radio 1, on BBC World Service and for a written article here.
  • I was on the judging panel for the 2021 WEGO Health Awards, 2023 Social Health Awards and 2023 Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards.
  • I am currently on the 2023 Health Union Patient Leadership Council.
  • I was on the WEGO Health Patient Leader Advisory Board for 2021.
  • I was also a founding board member for the nonprofit American College of Thyroidology.
  • I have had articles republished on Yahoo, MSN and more.
  • I have written over fifty articles for The Mighty. One of these pieces was also made in to a film.
Rachel Sat in Front of The Sea

Awards, Nominations and Endorsements


  • Winner of the 2022 Social Health Award “Social Media Master” for my work in thyroid advocacy across social media platforms.
  • Winner of The 2020 WEGO Health Award for “Best in Show: Facebook” for The Invisible Hypothyroidism Facebook Page and Facebook Group.
  • Awarded 1st Place in Feedspot’s 2022 Top Hypothyroidism Blogs and Websites List.
  • Awarded 2nd Place , in Feedspot’s 2022 Top Thyroid Blogs and Websites List.


“If you are looking for friendly, down-to-earth, commentary and information on thyroid conditions, The Invisible Hypothyroidism is the place to go.” – The National Academy of Hypothyroidism.