Podcast Features

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Listen to her talk about her own thyroid health experiences, mental health experiences, how she overcame struggles with these and what she is currently up to.

  • The Goode Health Podcast, December 2023 – discussing my personal autoimmune journey, the diet and lifestyle changes I’ve made and why advocating for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s is so important.
  • Thyroid Healthy Bites Podcast, September 2023 – Speaking about navigating hypothyroidism with parenting, flares and more
  • Let’s Talk Thyroid Podcast, July 2023 – Speaking about impacts on relationships and how to navigate work and more with thyroid issues
  • Health Union Podcast, January 2023 – Speaking about winning a Social Health Award, the thyroid symptoms I had in the run-up to my diagnosis, what keeps me going on tough thyroid days.
  • Chronically Healing Podcast, May 2022 – Speaking about how to be your best advocate and listening to our body’s whispers, being a HSP, and exercise and diet.
  • More Mojo Podcast, February 2022 – We discuss how progress isn’t linear and how to evolve your approach over time, finding nourishment and balance and how becoming a mother has affected my health.
  • Fempower Podcast, January 2022 – Speaking about what I mean by “the thyroid jigsaw puzzle” and examples of how you can find the right pieces to your own thyroid jigsaw puzzle.
  • The Chronic Comeback Podcast, December 2021 – I talk about my health leading up to diagnosis and the interventions and steps I took to get my thyroid jigsaw puzzle slotted together so that I could live symptom free.
  • Hashimoto’s Connection Podcast, December 2021 – My husband Adam and I talk about what it was like from both our perspectives, going through my health worsening over many years, the eventual diagnosis of autoimmune hypothyroidism and the ways in which we work as a team to manage my health.
  • Hashimoto’s Connection Podcast, November 2021 – I speak mainly about my thyroid journey, the contents of my first book and how I have achieved remission.
  • Uninvisible Podcast, September 2019 – We talk about how to become your own thyroid advocate, the difference in testing and treatment between the US and UK and more.
  • Thyroid Refresh Podcast, July 2019 – I speak about how to become your own thyroid advocate, the tests we need and levels to aim for and more.
  • Chronically Healing Podcast, May 2019 – We talk about the overwhelm of online forums, diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, frustrations with testing and finding the right medical practitioner.
  • The FutureTech Podcast, May 2019 – Talking about my background and own personal struggles with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, why I began The Invisible Hypothyroidism and share my experiences, and how I became motivated to expand as a thyroid health advocate. 
  • Korus Podcast, May 2019 – Speaking about Hashimoto’shypothyroidismmy latest book, support for the friends and family of thyroid patients and more. 
  • Dr. Hedberg Podcast, March 2018 – Talking about the key pieces of advice I’d give to all thyroid patients and what has helped me to get better.