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I, Rachel, am not medically qualified and do not offer medical advice. I write this blog based on my real life experiences as a thyroid patient. It is based on what I have read in books and learnt from patient to patient forums and discussions. I may be able to give evidence by linking to research or reliable websites, or quoting from well researched books and I will do this where I can.

 If you choose to explore self-medication or something based on what you’ve read here, you do so at your own risk and choice. The same experience for everyone is not guaranteed. There is no guarantee that anything written or opinions given applies to you or your symptoms. Everyone is individual, and what works for me may not work for you!

I strongly suggest consulting your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle or health regime. Information on this site and its related social media sites is not meant to substitute the clinical guidance provided by a healthcare professional.  

I will not and can not take any responsibility for the results or consequences of your choices based on the information presented here, links to other sites or pages and its related social media sites. Information is used at your own risk. I highly recommend and suggest that you do what it takes to find a qualified healthcare professional to make any change regarding your own, personal healthcare. I would always suggest consulting with and working with a doctor.  If you use anything on this site and its related social media sites without the guidance of a qualified health professional, it is at your own risk and your responsibility. As with any changes to your lifestyle, always take them slowly.

None of the statements on this site are an official endorsement of any particular product and any products that I do mention using are from personal experience and choice only. Products mentioned here are due to being used by me, and often liked by myself, but not because I have been paid to promote or share them, or think it is the right product for you too. Additionally, I cannot control whether links I have provided in posts are free from being changed after initial posting. The internet is always changing! I take no responsibility for content posted on said links, as these can always change. They do not represent views of The Invisible Hypothyroidism. Opinions and other statements expressed by users and third parties are theirs alone, not opinions of Rachel or The Invisible Hypothyroidism.  

When reading this website, please remember that the information contained herein is intended for general reference only. As a result of ongoing medical advances and developments, the information herein may not always be completely up to date and, for this reason, such information is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. 

The content included on this site and related social media sites are for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for consulting your physician regarding medical advice relating to your health. 

Conditions of use:

This blog has been created for informational purposes only and as a way for me to share my experiences as a thyroid patient. This blog’s information and that which can be found on related social media sites, which should be discussed with a medical professional if you are thinking of taking it on on-board, is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice or to be used as personal medical diagnosis or treatment.  I do not recommend or endorse any individual treatment, any specific test, products or procedures that may be mentioned in my blog entries. Instead, it has been created to be educational and informational where applicable, and, where applicable, for you to present to your doctor to work as a team concerning your health care.  You should never disregard medical advice or delay seeking it because of a statement you have read on this website and/or read on one of the related social media platforms. It is important that information contained here is used only in conjunction with qualified medical guidance. If you choose to use it without any medical guidance from a qualified medical professional, you do so at your own risk. 

I, Rachel, assume no liability or responsibility for damage or injury to persons or property arising from any use of any product, information, idea, or opinion contained in the information of this blog, none of which is to be construed as personal medical advice.   You agree to indemnify and hold Rachel, its owner, designer, site creator and contributors harmless to the fullest extent allowed by law regarding all matters related to your use of the site.

Rachel and The Invisible Hypothyroidism is not rendering professional medical advice of any kind to you personally but is merely providing general education and information to you about wellness topics.

I reserve the right to change or discontinue at any time any aspect or feature of this site. This information will be kept as up to date as possible, but the world is constantly changing and so is medical knowledge, so this information could become out of date. You must keep this in mind. 

Affiliate Disclosure:

Because I want my blog to remain as transparent as possible, it’s important that you know I have used affiliate links on my site to help offset maintenance and running costs. This means that I earn a tiny amount for each product purchased through affiliate links on my website but the cost for you using this site is exactly the same as it always has been. This doesn’t change that I like any of the products I recommend, it just means that as well as sharing what I like, if I drive any traffic to the product through the hard work of my website, the running costs of my site get supported. I was able to keep TheInvisibleHypothyroidism.com ad-free and affiliate link free for the first year of its existence, which was always the plan – I never planned to monetise my website – but the increasing amount of time and resources it requires from me as its popularity continues to grow, means it has costs now associated with it in order to keep it online and available to help other thyroid patients. Which is all I ever wanted.