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General Update #30

Read the last blog in this series.

Things are feeling steady and good right now.

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An Open Letter to Mothers with Hypothyroidism on Mother’s Day

Originally published on 31st March 2018

Last updated on 9th May 2021

To the mother with hypothyroidism this Mother’s Day,

I know at times you feel tired, achy, frustrated and strained. You push yourself each and every day to keep on going, keep on raising your family with love and kindness despite your own body fighting against you.

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Migraines With Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 5th June 2018 
Last updated on 8th May 2021

I hear from many thyroid patients who also experience migraines. Some frequent, some every now and then. 

But what’s the link?

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Oestrogen Dominance and Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 14th November 2017 
Last updated on 8th May 2021

As well as thyroid hormones, many other hormones are also part of the endocrine system, which all work in a delicate balance with one another. They regulate body temperature, metabolism, energy and reproduction.

Many thyroid patients, when piecing together their thyroid jigsaw puzzle, learn that they actually have more at play than just thyroid issues. They also have something called Oestrogen Dominance.

Rachel Hiding Behind One Hand

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My Top 25 Articles for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Hope

I was taken aback by a comment on my Facebook page today saying:

“How about sharing some stories of healing and hope?  Your Facebook page is super informative and helpful, but sometimes all I see here is a list of “If You Have a Thyroid Issue, Here’s What You’re Never Ever Able to Do”.

I don’t mean to be rude – actually I love your page and your work. Your experience is my motivation to actually take care of myself and this page helps, but I also need to know that I can thrive.

I just want to read more about how we can thrive and overcome thyroid issues! I want to see how we can overcome them, see hope, have a family and a job and a good life with a chronic illness.”

I always promise to share both the ups and downs of having thyroid issues. This is realistic of how many people experience thyroid disease.

However, depending on how you consume my work (Facebook, Instagram, Email Newsletters, this website etc.) you may see a certain angle or point of view.

Rachel Working on The laptop

My Instagram page for example has a wide variety of content, but mostly focusing on what I have found to help me thrive and improve my thyroid health. My Facebook page is a re-sharing of my most popular articles. My website showcases all of the hundreds of my varying articles across all topics and points of view. My books are all about how to live well with a thyroid condition and thrive. My free email newsletters is a round up of thyroid news and content and my premium newsletters guide readers on what they can do to improve thyroid symptoms and feel better.

When I read the above comment on my Facebook page, I was at first taken aback because spreading hope and help of how to thrive with thyroid disease is my aim, but then I was reminded that not all of my readers follow me on all platforms and channels. So they may only be viewing my content from one lens, as if to speak. Continue reading “My Top 25 Articles for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Hope”

Thyroid Patients Explain Flare up Days

What does a thyroid flare feel like for you?

I refer to days when my hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s symptoms are particularly bad as a ‘bad thyroid day’ or
‘flare up’. I’ve had these days when my thyroid condition hasn’t been under control and when it has.

Symptoms can differ from person to person, though the most commonly reported in a flare up are:

But what do yours look like? I’ve included responses to this question below.

Rachel Asleep on The Sofa
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How I Solved My Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue‘ or ‘adrenal dysfunction’ (though it is more accurately referred to as ‘hypothalamic-pituitary axis dysfunction’)  is a condition not widely recognised by mainstream medicine yet, though it makes a lot of sense to many thyroid patients and is recognised in functional medicine and by functional practitioners.

In fact, in Thyroid Pharmacist Izabella Wentz’s experience, adrenal dysfunction is present in 90% of us with autoimmune hypothyroidism. [1]

I was among that 90% and this article will discuss what I did about it. Continue reading “How I Solved My Adrenal Fatigue”

How to Find a Good Medical Professional for Your Thyroid Condition

Originally published on 17th December 2019
Last updated on 25th April 2021

Finding the right medical professional for you can be time-consuming but very much worth the time. 

Many thyroid patients complain about feeling dismissed and unheard by their doctors, and are not happy with their current testing and treatment.

However, do know that you don’t have to stay with one doctor or practitioner if you don’t feel that they have your health in their best interest, or if you are struggling to build a positive relationship with them. Continue reading “How to Find a Good Medical Professional for Your Thyroid Condition”

Online Sources of Thyroid Information

Originally published on 5th December 2017
Last updated on 25th April 2021

The Invisible Hypothyroidism isn’t the only source of information out there, for thyroid patients. Before I started this very website, I read up about my new diagnosis and what it meant, on what must have been hundreds of websites and articles.

Here are the resources I have created for you:

Filtering other websites can be daunting, so I’ve summed up a list of other places to check-out below.

Those mentioned below are not necessarily endorsed by myself and I cannot control the content or opinions expressed on external websites. They are listed for you to explore. 

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Announcing the American College of Thyroidology!

I’m very excited to share that the American College of Thyroidology will be launching next month, for which I am a Board Member. It’s a new role I’ve been working in for the last six months but can finally talk about now!

American College of Thyroidology

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