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What to Do When You Feel Thyroid Symptoms Coming Back

If you’ve been feeling well and stable on your thyroid medication and treatment for a while, only to start feeling unwell again and notice some of those telltale signs of possibly needing a medication/dosage review coming back, here are some things to do straight away.

If you’ve been on thyroid medication for a while and still feel unwell, see this post.

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Does the Need for Thyroid Medication Increase During Pregnancy?

The questions I often see asked surrounding hypothyroidism and pregnancy include:

  • Can I have a healthy pregnancy with a thyroid condition?
  • Do I still need to take my thyroid meds during pregnancy?
  • Will my dosage of thyroid meds change in pregnancy?

The answers?

Let’s discuss that last one surrounding medication changes.

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Questions To Ask at Your First Endocrinologist Appointment

Originally published on 8th November 2016 
Last updated on 16th November 2021

Your first endocrinologist (often referred to as an ‘endo’) visit can seem daunting, so the below information covers what to expect from your first visit and the sorts of questions you may want to ask.  

It is worth bearing in mind that although it is always worth seeing an endocrinologist at least once to assess whether they can provide any further help, a lot of people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s state very little additional help from an endocrinologist (myself included). However, I do think it’s worth every thyroid patient seeing one if they can, so that they can decide for themselves if an endocrinologist is beneficial to their care.

Waiting at Doctor's Office

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Can You Have Graves’ as Well as Hashimoto’s?

Autoimmune thyroid disease occurs when the immune system mistakingly attacks the thyroid gland, marking it as an ‘invader’ for destruction.

The two most prominent forms of autoimmune thyroid disease are Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Graves’ Disease. Hashimoto’s is the leading cause of hypothyroidism (at 90% [1]) and Graves’ is the leading cause of hyperthyroidism. 

If one typically leads to an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) and the other leads to an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), can they exist at the same time?

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Thyroid Brain Fog

Originally published on 29th April 2016 
Last updated on 28th October 2021

What is Thyroid Brain Fog?

Brain fog is often described as feelings of mental confusion or lack of mental clarity. The phrase comes from the feeling of a fog that reduces your ability to think clearly. It can feel like a mental block and can cause a person to become forgetful, detached and discouraged. They may even become depressed as a knock-on effect. Continue reading “Thyroid Brain Fog”

Thyroid Medication Options

Originally published on 24th March 2016 
Last updated on 21st October 2021

Did you know that there are multiple medication options for hypothyroidism? 

Are you on the right one for you?

Could a change in medication change your life?

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10 Songs For Thyroid Patients: Part Eight

This is part eight of my selection of songs that motivate, inspire, uplift or otherwise connect with me on tough health days.

You can also see: parts one to seven here.

I find that music is often the best remedy for when I’m feeling low, fed up, defeated or frustrated, especially during thyroid flare ups, so I wanted to share my favourites for when I feel down, defeated, frustrated or otherwise need a pick-me-up. I hope you like them too.

You can find the playlist on my YouTube channel here.

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What Are Optimal Thyroid Levels?

Originally published on 29th May 2016
Last updated on 14th October 2021

It’s a term I, and so many other sources for thyroid information, use a lot. What Are “Optimal Thyroid Levels”?  

Rachel Headshot

When your doctor runs a test and you receive the results, your levels will either fall inside or outside of the range. Ranges are usually given in brackets besides the test result.

However, as thyroid patients, it is important that we advocate for ourselves when it comes to where in range they fall. After all, it is not just about falling within the range. We are looking for something more specific.

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Pregnancy and Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 26th June 2016
Last updated on 10th October 2021

See Also: Preparing for Pregnancy Blood Test

I’m going to cover how hypothyroidism can develop during or after pregnancy, what to do if you’re a thyroid patient who falls pregnant, your mental health and pregnancy and postpartum thyroiditis.

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