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Should You Test Your Reverse T3?

THIS POST HAS BEEN SPONSORED BY Blue Horizon Blood Tests and written by one of their resident doctors.

The importance of complete and comprehensive thyroid testing for those with a thyroid condition such as hypothyroidism can’t be stressed enough.

A full thyroid panel consists of:

  • TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)
  • Free T3
  • Free T4
  • TpoAB
  • TgAB
  • Reverse T3

Yet many of us are not having all of these tested. Looking at Reverse T3 in this guest post, Dr Graham Johnson explains the controversy regarding testing Reverse T3 levels. Continue reading “Should You Test Your Reverse T3?”

The Difficulties of Working with Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 27th July 2016
Last updated on 18th July 2019

A part of having a thyroid condition (such as Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism) that is often overlooked, is the way that it can affect our work life. 

I’ve covered many times, the ways in which hypothyroidism devastates many lives, taking control of many aspects and creating real challenges for those affected, and often, their family too. In this post, I’m going to focus on work. 

Continue reading “The Difficulties of Working with Hypothyroidism”

When Your Hypothyroid Partner Doesn’t Want Sex

A loss of libido or sex drive when you have hypothyroidism (also often called an underactive thyroid), isn’t uncommon. But how do you stay intimate with a lack of sex? Or how do you navigate getting through this tricky time?

Sex isn’t the be all and end all but it does often form an intimate and important part of our romantic relationships. I hear from many of you whose relationships have been affected by this annoying thyroid symptom.

Written by Adam Gask, partner of nine years to someone with Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism.

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Thyroid Refresh Podcast

I was interviewed by Thyroid Refresh for Thyroid Refresh TV, their video podcast series and the episode is now live.

Recorded back in April 2019, I speak about how to become your own thyroid advocate, what tests we need and the levels to aim for, the difference in medication and testing in the US and UK and how I went from being bed-bound and almost disabled with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, to thriving in life again and more.

Catch it here, at a fifty minutes long.

Book Review: The Complete Thyroid Health & Diet Guide by Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg and Danielle Cook MS, RD, CDE

This ‘thyroid book’ is quite unique in that the first half contains information on thyroid disease and diet guidance in terms of how to eat healthily and support your thyroid health. The second half contains a real mix of recipes to put this information in to practise. 

I may reference back to this book and what I’ve learnt from it throughout my blog posts. Continue reading “Book Review: The Complete Thyroid Health & Diet Guide by Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg and Danielle Cook MS, RD, CDE”

Fad Diets and Intermittent Fasting Almost Cost a Hashimoto’s Patient Her Life

Those of us with thyroid conditions such as Hashimoto’s are especially warned about fad diets and intermittent fasting. There is definitely some mixed information out there about whether they can help us or even make things worse. 
Jeanna has Hashimoto’s and wanted to share her shocking experience and reality of what intermittent fasting and fad diets did to her health. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same experience (many people find success with various diets), but she felt it was important for others to be aware of certain dangers.
Written by Jeanna, Hashimoto’s Patient 

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That Embarrassing Topic: A Low Libido/Loss of Sex Drive with Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 11th April 2017
Last updated on 15th July 2019

It shouldn’t be embarrassing to talk about, but it is to many people;

The loss of your libido (sex drive) when you have hypothyroidism.

It’s much more common that you think and, if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve experienced it. Chances are, you still are experiencing it and it might be causing you some stress. Continue reading “That Embarrassing Topic: A Low Libido/Loss of Sex Drive with Hypothyroidism”

A Hashimoto’s Flare Up or ‘Bad Thyroid Day’

Originally published on 12th May 2016
Last updated on 12th July 2019

I refer to days when my hypothyroid/Hashimoto’s symptoms are particularly bad as a ‘bad thyroid day’. Also called ‘flare ups’, I’ve had these days when my thyroid condition hasn’t been under control and when it has. My Hashimoto’s is currently in remission, even. 

Even now, with optimal TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 levels, as well as low thyroid antibody levels, I can still have flare ups from time to time.

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A Letter to Newly Diagnosed Me

To the Me in 2015 (aged 21),

I know you’ve only just been diagnosed with a thyroid condition and it all seems scary and overwhelming right now, but you’ll get it figured out with some time and start feeling back on top of things again. Feel reassured about that.

The first medication you try, Levothyroxine, won’t work for you and you’ll feel confused and doomed to feeling unwell forever, but know that you do eventually start a new type of medication (NDT) and do much better on it. This will be just one trial and error that you go through!

Being a thyroid patient won’t be easy on you and you’ll learn to fight for your health in more ways than one over the next few years, but it will develop you as a person, in ways that you never knew existed. You will mature, become fierce and protective over your health and you will learn what the term ‘to advocate for your own health’ really means. Continue reading “A Letter to Newly Diagnosed Me”

Thyroid Patients Explain How Hypothyroidism Has Affected Their Relationships

A part of having hypothyroidism that we perhaps don’t speak about enough is how it can affect our relationships. 

I don’t doubt that hypothyroidism has at the very least contributed to a relationship or marriage breaking down.

So I asked followers of my Facebook page how thyroid disease has affected their relationships with husbands, wives, partners, as well as friends and family.  Continue reading “Thyroid Patients Explain How Hypothyroidism Has Affected Their Relationships”