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Book Review: The Hormone Healing Cookbook by Dr Alan Christianson

The Hormone Healing Cookbook looks to address symptoms many of us with hormonal health conditions, like thyroid disease, experience.

Recipes and shopping plans to help combat fatigue, weight gain, brain fog and more are all included, and while they may not solve symptoms on their own, they can form part of your treatment or management of a thyroid condition.

Especially if they’re quick and easy to make, as well as delicious.

I may reference back to this book and what I’ve learned from it throughout my blog posts.

The first half of this book covers the various hormonal issues that Dr Christianson, a respected naturopathic doctor, sees in his practise, as well as the kinds of symptoms these present. He talks about how important food can be when it comes to good health and also in making daily habits that serve us well. He wanted to create a cookbook with flavoursome and wholesome recipes that get us excited about cooking for ourselves.

A quiz for identifying which recipes may work best for your specific symptoms is included, and recipes are organised by which symptom they may help to address, such as fatigue, weight gain or brain fog. I did personally find all of the discussion on weight to be a bit triggering as someone who has a history of disordered eating, so I skimmed this part and was mostly interested in recipes that would be quick and easy to cook, with inexpensive and easy-to-obtain ingredients, that my family of four would realistically eat too. Meal plans, combining recipes in the book to give you a weekly shopping list, are included and made simple.

The second half of the book contains all the recipes – recipes for breakfast, including smoothie recipes which I personally have started using and feel much better for first thing in the morning (less tired and brain fogged when I have small children to immediately take care of!), but also oatmeal, breakfast muffins and bread items, eggs and more. There are main meal options, high in protein and veggies, as well as snack options. They look easy to make, with simple enough ingredients, as well as fast.

I loved going through this cookbook and folding down the pages of any recipes I wanted to try, and really appreciated the colourful, clear images of most of the recipes, too. Overall, it is a very high quality and enjoyable cookbook and I’ve liked the recipes I’ve made so far!

You can get a copy of this book from Amazon.

What do you think of this thyroid cookbook? Have you tried it?

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