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Book Review: An Unexpected Outcome: The Heel Prick Test by Penny Walter

Book Review: An Unexpected Outcome: The Heel Prick Test by Penny Walter

This is the first children’s book I have reviewed and it’s a rather special one.

An Unexpected Outcome - Children's Thyroid Book

Written for children born with congenital hypothyroidism, it explains what it means to have this diagnosis.

This book is a reassuring read to children, as well as their families and friends, concerning the need for blood tests, taking daily medication and also covers what the thyroid gland is and why its hormones are important in the growth and development of children.

It’s an uplifting book to reassure those affected that children can indeed go on to live a healthy life with hypothyroidism. As a guide, I’d say the book is probably most useful to children aged 2 and over.

If you know a child with hypothyroidism, this could be a really useful book for them when it comes to understanding their health condition.

Overall, it was a lovely read which I am sure will help many families with the often shocking diagnosis of a lifelong thyroid condition in their child.

You can get a copy of this book from Amazon on the link below.

See it on Amazon here

Do you know a child with congenital hypothyroidism who may enjoy this book?

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  • Joy
    July 24, 2022 at 4:15 pm

    I found your website via Paul Robinson’s website. Browsing your site landed me on this page. Wow! I am so surprised and happy to see hypothyroidism in children addressed. I am 59 yo. and had a thyroidectomy at age 3, due to multiple nodules. All of these years I thought that I was an anomaly, having never heard of anyone like me. It makes me sad to think that my thyroid might have been made healthy, had information been known then that we know now. Thankfully, over the last 10 years I have finally found information that has helped me learn how to be in charge of my own thyroid health (no thanks to the medical professionals in my life.) Thank you so much for your storehouse of knowledge and willingness to share with others. I am looking forward ordering your books. Joy


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