Catching an Illness When You Already Have Hypothyroidism

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When the average person gets ill – catches a cold,  a sickness bug, virus etc. – it can feel rubbish enough. Having to take a day or two off work, cancelling plans with friends or family and putting up with a messy house is all part and parcel of being ill. Everyone gets ill from time to time, even those with the best immune system.

But what is it like for those of us who already live with a chronic illness

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When someone already lives with a health condition such as hypothyroidism, which causes symptoms such as heavy fatigue, muscle pain and sleep disruptions, catching an illness can not only introduce new symptoms, such as sickness, diarrhoea, fever and chills for example, but it can worsen preexisting ones, too.

For many of us living with a chronic health condition, our bodies may not be as resilient as an average person’s, as they already struggle to function as they should, so they often take the blow of a cold, virus or stomach bug harder than a ‘healthier’ person.

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4 thoughts on “Catching an Illness When You Already Have Hypothyroidism

  1. I became ‘ill’ 7 years ago, thought it was a normal 2-3 day cold. Frequency & length of ‘illness’ increased over the years, left work 5 years ago because of this, now I rarely feel well. Dealing with pain/aches, sinus congestion, ear pain & exhaustion feel like I have my own personal virus. Nothing has shown up in tests, apparently I am quite healthy according to doctors.

    1. I can really relate to this. I caught a ‘virus’ which just didn’t get better after months and months and spending most my time in bed unwell. I was eventually diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s.

  2. Yep – hayfever into sinusitis layered with a cold and then earache on top of Hashi = Four months of feeling rotten so far. Each part doesn’t sound much but its impact challenges work/social/home life.

  3. Yes! Currently experiencing this. At this time of year I catch the usual lurgy everyone gets, plus get mould allergies. It takes months for my body to recover.

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