For a while now, fans and followers of my work and blog have told me that I have enough content on here (almost 300 blogs now) and experience as a thyroid patient to produce a book. And for a while I kept saying things like

“Don’t be silly”      “Me? Write a book?!”

“I wouldn’t know where to begin!”

Well, now I’ve begun. I’ve got my outline, my chapters, topics and a lot of my content ready and now I’m piecing it all together. Don’t ask me how long it’ll take to perfect – I’m a complete perfectionist – but I do promise that it’ll be a book that reassures the many thyroid patients out there that they are not alone, their experiences are not isolated and it is certainly not all in their head. I also want to include a section where I talk directly to patients’ other halves, family and friends, about what it is we go through, too.

It will include a lot of content from my blog and articles I’ve had published on other websites, but I’ll also be expanding a lot more on my personal experiences and feelings about life as a hypothyroid patient and Hashimoto’s warrior.

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I look forward to sharing this next part of my journey with you!

EDIT: Thank you to the kind people who have made contributions to the costs of producing this book. Your kindness has me speechless. xxx