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Adrenal fatigue. Yep. I not only have hypothyroidism, but I also have adrenal fatigue. Ahh, it’s never-ending is it?!

I was kept not properly treated for my hypothyroidism for so long, because I was put on a thyroid medication that didn’t work for me, Levothyroxine, a T4- only medicine, which contributed to my adrenals struggling. You can read more about how this occurs here.

I confirmed I had adrenal issues by doing a 24 hour saliva cortisol test. I had elevated cortisol 24/7. You can find a link to order this yourself if you’re in the UK here and worldwide here.

I am currently reading James Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue book and it is enlightening. It includes things I can do to recover from adrenal fatigue, such as changes in diet, supplements, meditation, staying calm and avoiding stress etc. and I’m relieved to see that I am already doing quite a bit of what he suggests.

The problem is, there is no ‘quick fix’ to having adrenal fatigue, and it’s going to take time.

I am currently taking Seriphos to naturally encourage my cortisol to come back down, after trying Holy Basil and seeing no difference. Seriphos is supposed to be very effective, so hopefully, combining it with the things mentioned in Dr Wilson’s book will help me recover.

Once my adrenal fatigue is fixed, or close to, I should start to see my last hypo symptom go – the fatigue and poor stamina. Although it has gotten better on NDT, it’s not fully fixed, but I will find a way. I’m sure it’s my adrenal fatigue causing this.

I’m looking at taking some vitamin C supplements as many sources say Vitamin C levels being topped up is also important when healing your adrenals.

I’ll keep you posted.

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Have you healed from adrenal fatigue?

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2 thoughts on “General Update #1

  1. I’ve spent the morning reading your blog a d it is such a shame that you get no help and support from your doctor or endocrinologist! Also we have an NHS service which is great (I can’t fault it after comparing it with health care abroad) but like anything sometimes it fails and in the case of thyroid diseases it fails. Most people will go untreated because they do not want to pay out for medication like you are doing, but at the end of the day you cannot put a price on health right??? I really hope that by monitoring yourself and getting everything back in order your GP will eventually subscribe ndt for you. I am also keeping notes for my gp and so far he’s been good doing the tests I’ve asked for so hoping when the results are back and my adrenal tests are back I can gather all the evidence with my gp and go from there. A lot of people I have spoken to have said their endocrinologist hasn’t been helpful and also with friends who are hypothyroid have same symptoms as me and they like me are told it’s a hypothyroid symptom. I am glad I found your page on Facebook you have given me so much hope, and I may even tell my doctor to read your blog if I don’t get help. He was happy that I joined thyroid uk though so I’m hoping I am one of the lucky ones! Good luck on your journey and we’ll done on your blog it’s brilliant!

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