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General Update #6

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Six months! It’s gone SO fast since I started NDT, just before Christmas last year. 

And well, to put it simply, I’m pretty much there. I feel almost fully recovered!

There was a dip a couple of weeks ago, when my endocrinologist got me to lower my NDT dose, but after I raised it back up, after a week or two, I was back to where I was before.

I still need to test my adrenals; I ordered the kit nearly three weeks ago now, so it’s sat in my living room waiting for me to complete it. You can find testing options here.

I’m just wanting to be sure that I feel well when I do the test, because I know the lower NDT for a few weeks will have added some adrenal stress, so testing my adrenals seemed pointless when I knew they’d come back not so great.

I want to test them when I feel well so I can see how my cortisol levels are at that point.

I plan to do it next weekend when I have a whole day to do it. Doing it at work isn’t an option since I don’t have a freezer there to freeze the saliva samples straight away.

An Adrenal Testing Kit

I’m waking up feeling refreshed at 7am, I’m getting tired at a normal time of 9pm and I have no more thyroid or adrenal symptoms. My fatigue is lifting a lot more since I started Magnesium Malate, too.

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I am feeling really really well. When I think about how ill I was six months ago, it breaks my heart. I was in such a dark place, with the thought of forever living a half-life, merely an existence, making me feel suicidal, with no doctors listening to me.

I’ve taken it all back in to my own hands and look where I am.

It makes me angry that I was left to feel so unwell whilst doctors were blind to the fact that I was not adequately treated for my thyroid. They dismissed all my concerns and made me out to be a hypochondriac and just depressed.

Sure, it hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to do a hell of a lot of research, and trial different things, but it’s more than any doctor did in the six months I was on Levothyroxine. Six months on Levothyroxine was making me worse and worse and worse… Six months on NDT has done the complete opposite and given me my life back.

My adrenals have been half the problem, since fixing that has also made a huge difference, but the adrenals and so many other aspects of the body will not heal until you start working on fixing the thyroid levels that are out of whack. For me, this was the case.

I had blood taken on Wednesday for my thyroid levels, so I’ll be going doctors tomorrow to hopefully see what they came back as.

I suspect I will have ups and downs as I go through life, forever on my thyroid journey, but I have a better handle of things now, am more prepared and more educated.

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How are you feeling lately? Where are you on your thyroid journey? Feel free to share in the comments!

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