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We Need To Speak Out More About Thyroid Disease

I couldn’t tell you how many times someone has asked me what I do and when I say:

“I’m a thyroid advocate. Basically, I work to try and improve the lives of other people with hypothyroidism,”

how many times it’s then been followed by:

“Oh my mother/sister/aunt/friend/work colleague has that and is still unwell!”

Yesterday, the lady at the beauty salon told me that her work colleague has hypothyroidism and still struggles.

Today, the hairdresser of my friend, as I sit and chat while she gets her hair cut, asked me what I do. I gave my usual answer and lo and behold his mother has hypothyroidism too.

He’s frustrated that she’s still unwell years later and the amount of ‘separate’ conditions she has (and separate medications) just keeps on growing.

I had such a satisfying discussion with him about the issues we face regarding how we’re treated and the lack of being treated holistically. Everyone knows someone with hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid, yet we don’t speak about it enough.

The more we speak honestly about how it affects us and the changes we need in how we’re treated, the more progress we can make, the more fellow thyroid patients we can reach and help, and the more awareness we create. Too many people are still living poor quality lives when it’s so unnecessary.

Below are a list of commonly asked questions, please share them with anyone you know who is still struggling despite being on thyroid medication for their condition. 

Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate Book CoverSee also my book Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate: When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired which is for those who are relatively knew to understanding their hypothyroidism and guides them through how to improve their quality of life. None of us should be needlessly suffering.

Have you had a conversation like this with a stranger?

A Book for Our Children:

Thyroid Superhero: A Kid’s Guide To Understanding Their Grown-up’s Hypothyroidism, which helps children to understand their caregiver’s thyroid medication, flare days, symptoms and much more.

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Rachel Hill is the highly ranked and multi-award winning thyroid patient advocate, writer, speaker and author behind The Invisible Hypothyroidism. Her thyroid advocacy work includes writing articles, authoring books, producing her Thyroid Family email newsletters and speaking on podcasts and at events about the many aspects thyroid disease affects and how to overcome these. She is well-recognised as a crucial and influential contributor to the thyroid community and has a large social media presence. Her bestselling books include "Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate" and "You, Me and Hypothyroidism".

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