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Online Sources of Thyroid Information

Sources of Thyroid Information
Originally published on 5th December 2017
Last updated on 25th April 2021

The Invisible Hypothyroidism isn’t the only source of information out there, for thyroid patients. Before I started this very website, I read up about my new diagnosis and what it meant, on what must have been hundreds of websites and articles.

Here are the resources I have created for you:

Filtering other websites can be daunting, so I’ve summed up a list of other places to check-out below.

Those mentioned below are not necessarily endorsed by myself and I cannot control the content or opinions expressed on external websites. They are listed for you to explore. 

In alphabetical order:

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust is the first national charity in the UK dedicated solely to the support of patients with Thyroid Cancer. They offer dedicated online help to thyroid cancer patients, a ‘buddy’ to help you through treatment and an online forum.

Dr. Jolene Brighten

Dr. Brighten is a women’s health expert, coining the term ‘Post Birth Control Syndrome’, and sees many thyroid patients in her day to day practise in clinic. Her articles and book are down to Earth, relatable and refreshing. She’s a wealth of information on women’s health and hormones.

Beyond The Pill Book

Dr. Nikolas Hedberg

Dr. Nikolas Hedberg is a respected and praised functional medicine practitioner and chiropractor. He has lots of great articles, blogs and even podcasts on his website.

The Complete Thyroid Health and Diet Guide book

Holtorf Medical Group

The Holtorf Medical Group specialises in optimising quality of life and being medical detectives to uncover the underlying cause of symptoms, rather than just prescribing medications to cover-up the symptoms. Therefore, their website showcases this level of  knowledge with scientifically backed up articles which are shared often across social media sites.

Hypothyroid Mom

Dana at Hypothyroid Mom went through a traumatic experience because doctors failed to monitor her hypothyroidism correctly, resulting in her loss of an unborn child. So she began blogging and advocating in pursuit of changing thyroid treatment and subsequently, lives. She covers all sorts in the articles on her site, taking a functional medicine viewpoint, often featuring doctors as content providers. Hypothyroid Mom wrote a book with fellow thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon.

Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease: A Guide to Fertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Wellness book

ITT – Improve Thyroid Treatment Campaign

Mission statement of the ITT:
  • To press for improved diagnosis, testing & individualised treatment of thyroid disorders, for the benefit of all thyroid patients in the UK.
  • To campaign for a range of treatment options, and stop the removal of liothyronine (T3) by Clinical Commissioning Groups and Health Boards in the UK.
  • To promote better understanding and education regarding the complexities of thyroid disease.
  • To use members’ reports of local or national difficulties to inform our campaign.

If you are looking for improved treatment and management of thyroid disease in the UK, and wish for other treatment options besides T4-only Levothyroxine to be available on the NHS, this is the group to get involved in.

Mary Shomon: Thyroid Patient Advocate

Mary Shomon has a very popular Facebook page and writes for various websites. She’s an advocate for both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism patients. Mary Shomon has a few very popular books:

Living Well with Hypothyroidism book
The Thyroid Diet Revolution book
The Thyroid Diet book
The Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson created the Circadian T3 Method (CT3M), for those who do not feel better on T4-only medication such as Levothyroxine. His work can be found on his website, as well as in his three books:

The Thyroid Patient’s Manual book
Recovering With T3 book
The CT3M Handbook

Stop The Thyroid Madness

STTM focus mainly on the power of Natural Desiccated Thyroid for the treatment of hypothyroidism and is built on patient experiences, encouraging thyroid patients to share their stories and learn from one another.

Stop The Thyroid Madness book

The National Academy of Hypothyroidism

The NAH is a non-profit, multidisciplinary medical society dedicated to the dissemination of new information on the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism, mainly in the USA. It is run by a group of thyroidologists, headed by Kent Holtorf M.D., David Brownstein, M.D., Denis Wilson, M.D., Michael Freidman, N.D., and Mary Shomon. Articles and blogs on all things thyroid are written in an easy to understand manner.

The Thyroid Trust

The Thyroid Trust are able to offer information and support on their Website, Social Media Channels and through their face to face patient voices and online cafe events, all as part of their mission to make things better for thyroid patients.

Thycan Survivors

The mission of Thycan Survivors is to more accurately represent the survivorship of thyroid cancer by increasing awareness, advocacy, and understanding.

Their belief is that if thyroid cancer survivors are supported with survivor-focused awareness, advocacy and understanding, they will be able to become their own advocates and create change in medical and social fields.


ThyroidChange is an organisation that seeks to improve the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid conditions. They are a grass-roots movement for better thyroid care. Thyroid Change have a website full of useful articles written by doctors and other thyroid advocates.

Thyroid Mom

Although not as active as other thyroid advocates and writers, Thyroid Mom does have some very thought provoking blogs on congenital hypothyroidism (when it is present at birth) and the effects of this on the child and parents.

Thyroid Nation

Thyroid Nation focuses on uplifting readers with positive articles and stories that present information learnt from personal experiences. A lot of the articles are also based around lifestyle changes and factors that can greatly improve thyroid health. There is also a radio show/podcast.

Thyroid Patient Advocacy

Another UK charity, TPA is an independent organisation that also work towards establishing better diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism in patients. Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield is a Trustee and Dr Kent Holtorf a Medical Advisor. There are countless hugely informative articles written by various doctors and healthcare professionals on the site, with information for both patients and doctors. Dr Durrant-Peatfield’s book is below.

The Great Thyroid Scandal book

Thyroid Patients Canada

Thyroid Patients Canada is a nonprofit corporation registered with the Government of Canada. They promote health by providing individuals with thyroid disabilities with access to patient-led peer support communities and science-based public education, and by publicly advocating for improvements to thyroid health care policy and research.

Thyroid Pharmacist, Izabella Wentz

Izabella Wentz is a well respected pharmacist who also developed Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism. Through her own determination and knowledge as a medical professional, she has managed to reverse her autoimmune condition by implementing several lifestyle and diet changes. She has a very large following on Facebook especially and her books are loved by many patients.

Hashimoto’s Protocol book
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis book
Hashimoto’s Food Pharmacology: Nutrition Protocols and Healing Recipes to Take Charge of Your Thyroid Health book

Thyroid Refresh

Thyroid Refresh is an online platform that makes living a thyroid healthy lifestyle into a game. Thyroid30 is a 30-day wellness adventure that focuses on living a healthier thyroid lifestyle.

Thyroid Survivor Network

The Thyroid Survivor Network offers online support groups on Facebook for fellow thyroid survivors to come share their experiences, gain knowledge and find support.

Thyroid UK

Thyroid UK, a charity, work on improving the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease and are often at the front of campaigns and studies.

Tired Thyroid

Tired Thyroid was created by Barbara Lougheed, a thyroid patient who was left hypothyroid after radioactive iodine treatment for Graves’ hyperthyroidism.  Her goal is to educate people about the fallacies that exist about thyroid treatments.  Her book boasts great reviews;

Tired Thyroid: From Hyper to Hypo to Healing book

Have any to add to this list? Let me know in the comments. 

About Author

Rachel Hill is the highly ranked and multi-award winning thyroid patient advocate, writer, speaker and author behind The Invisible Hypothyroidism. Her thyroid advocacy work includes writing articles, authoring books, producing her Thyroid Family email newsletters and speaking on podcasts and at events about the many aspects thyroid disease affects and how to overcome these. She is well-recognised as a crucial and influential contributor to the thyroid community and has a large social media presence. Her bestselling books include "Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate" and "You, Me and Hypothyroidism".


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    May 9, 2021 at 9:58 am

    Thyroid UK on Health Unlocked have an interactive forum to talk to others online about what you’re going through.

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  • Zana Carver
    January 18, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    Words cannot express how wonderfully written and valuable, “Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate”, is to people who struggle with their thyroid health. I gave the book a 5-star review for being a thorough and helpful resource but more importantly, written for thyroid patients from a thyroid patient. Rachel has a wonderful ability to connect with her reader and I was hooked from the first page! My favorite parts are Rachel’s conversation with her doctor after going on NDT and the letter for the friends and family of thyroid patients. Your book should be included along with all of these wonderful thyroid resources.

  • J M Reid
    September 3, 2018 at 8:02 am

    I read the Watts Report some years ago which made me realise that we are not being treated medically as correctly as we should be and which gave me confidence to look for more information, very grateful to Rachel for her tireless efforts on our behalf

    • Rachel Hill
      September 3, 2018 at 8:05 am

      Thank you. Do you know where I would find the Watts Report to read?

  • Caz
    December 6, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Great resources! Thanks for sharing these 🙂


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