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Corona Virus and Thyroid Disease

Corona Virus and Thyroid Disease

I am continuing to receive a large amount of messages asking about whether thyroid patients are at a high risk for coronavirus.

Having just given birth, I unfortunately don’t have the time myself to write a detailed post (I write this quick one at 3am, from my phone, with a baby breastfeeding from me!), so please see some links below with information.

Try to protect your mental health also. Set boundaries on where and how often you consume information about this pandemic.

Thyroid Refresh “What Thyroid Patients Need To Know About COVID19” –

British Thyroid Foundation “Thyroid Disease and Corona Virus” –

WHO “Advice For Public” –

Creaky Joints “Corona Virus Facts for Chronic Illness Patients” –

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  • Mary
    March 22, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    Congrats on your adorable baby! I read your post about ear infections & hypothyroidism & wondered if you ever received more information? I am hypothyroid (currently dealing with nausea from new thyroid medicine as my labs & symptoms have been worse.) i also am starting to get an ear infection, which I have from time to time the last several years. I am trying to decide if the current ear infection is bad enough to go to an urgent care, especially given the corona virus situation. Anyhow, wondering if thete is a connection between ear infections & hypothyroidism. Thank you!


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