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There Is No ‘One Size Fits All’ for Hypothyroidism

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt whilst having hypothyroidism and speaking to thousands of others with it too, is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to treating and managing it.

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“Stop Dismissing Thyroid Patients as ‘Only Borderline’!”

Michelle wanted to share her experience of having her ‘borderline’ hypothyroidism downplayed, dismissed and ignored for many years.

Written by Michelle Munt, Thyroid Patient 

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When Thyroid Medication Doesn’t Fix Everything

If thyroid medication ‘corrects’ hypothyroidism, shouldn’t it remove all symptoms?

There is a general misconception that those with hypothyroidism take a pill everyday and then get better and feel absolutely fine, but it’s far from the truth for many of us. Not everyone feels better by taking standard thyroid medication alone.   Continue reading “When Thyroid Medication Doesn’t Fix Everything”

An Interview: “I Created an Album About My Wife’s Hypothyroidism and Our Struggles.”

Tony Manfredonia, a Michigan-based composer and orchestrator, reached out to me to share his latest work – an album which chronicles his wife’s experience with hypothyroidism, their marriage throughout her suffering and what it means to be a spouse to someone who’s suffering from chronic illness; the ups and the downs.

I wanted to interview Tony about their experiences and how this led to his new musical creation. Continue reading “An Interview: “I Created an Album About My Wife’s Hypothyroidism and Our Struggles.””

Stop Hindering Your Thyroid Healing

TW: Mental Health, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts 

I have written before about being your own thyroid advocate and thought I would expand on how not doing so will only hinder your health and recovery of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s.
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Ongoing Thyroid Symptoms Could Be Due to Low Iron Levels

Low levels of iron or ferritin (stored iron) are commonly seen in those with thyroid conditions such as hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. In fact, when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, I was also found to be anaemic in iron at the same time and started on iron supplements to improve levels.

Iron Supplement Tablets

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To My 2020 Baby…

To My 2020 Baby,

What a year it has been. It started with excitement to meet you and then, before not too long, we finally met. One final push, you took your first breath, I scooped you up in my arms and exclaimed “I know you!”.

You wrapped your hand around my finger and we gazed in to each other’s eyes.

Rachel's Husband Adam Holding Their Baby
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14 Missed Signs of My Thyroid Condition Before I Was Diagnosed

Looking back on my life, I had symptoms of Hypothyroidism (and signs of Hashimoto’s) from a young age.

From sixteen-years-old, following a bout of swine flu that left me feeling never quite the same since, a lot of the major symptoms started, such as ongoing fatigue and muscle aches and pains, which lingered despite being over the flu for a long time. Yet doctors repeatedly told me that they didn’t know why. 

However, even before having swine flu at sixteen, there were possible signs of my impending thyroid condition from an even younger age. I’m going to explore all of these here. Maybe you’ll realise that you had some signs of a thyroid condition, too.

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The Invisible Hypothyroidism Won a WEGO Health Award!

I am so speechless to have won the 2020 WEGO Health Award for The Invisible Hypothyroidism’s Facebook community across Facebook page and accompanying Facebook group.

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Grieving For Who You Were Before You Had Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 28th March 2017
Last updated on 16th October 2020

TW: Mental Health, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts

Please note that I wrote this article when I was still quite unwell with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. I’m since doing a lot better and my quality of life has improved hugely, but I know many others will still relate to this article as they go through the ups and downs of living with thyroid disease.

I talk about how I learnt to accept my life with the thyroid disease diagnosis and how I improved my health, towards the end of the article.

Some may think this article ‘wallows’, ‘moans’ or focuses on the negatives, but I was in a dark place mentally, depressed and at points, suicidal. It is important to recognise all feelings and states. Everyone’s journey is different yet valid. It is a reflection of where I was at the time of writing.

My Life Before The Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Diagnosis

Before twenty, the age at which I started experiencing thyroid symptoms that really interfered with my life and became a problem, I was an incredibly busy, active and driven person. Continue reading “Grieving For Who You Were Before You Had Hypothyroidism”

Not Everyone Will Understand Your Thyroid Condition

Other people may not understand what you experience as someone with a thyroid condition. This may make you feel frustrated, angry and hopeless, but shifting whether it really matters can help. Continue reading “Not Everyone Will Understand Your Thyroid Condition”

World Mental Health Day and Thyroid Disease

Originally published on 10th October 2018
Last updated on 10th October 2020

TW: Mental Health, Depression, Suicidal Feelings

The 10th October is World Mental Health Day, a great day to show your support towards better mental health knowledge and awareness, and to learn how you can promote well-being in yourself and others. 

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How I Manage Housework with Thyroid Disease

I have always been a tidy, organised person. It’s just who I am. 

I feel happiest in a clean environment, yet when my health took a nosedive thanks to hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, my ability to keep on top of the housework was hugely affected.

I went from cleaning and tidying most days (and doing one big, ‘deep clean’ once a week) to not managing any housework at all most weeks. I was so fatigued, sleeping most the time (fourteen hours on some days) and on flare up days, found myself feeling dizzy and unwell whenever I tried to do simple tasks such as putting laundry in to the washing machine. 

Rachel Struggling Housework

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The Thyroid Disease Link with Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Originally published on 3rd October 2018
Last updated on 1st October 2020

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

Where does this tie in with thyroid disease? 

Well, just having a thyroid condition puts you at a higher risk for losing an unborn child. 

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Thyroid Conditions That Can Reverse

Many of us have wondered if our thyroid condition can be cured, and whilst for most of us, we’re unfortunately stuck with it for life, there are some forms of thyroid disease that can come and go. 

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A Review of The LetsGetChecked Lyme Disease Test

I’ve personally tried and reviewed a lot of the at-home blood testing companies available in order to share my experiences with other thyroid patients who may benefit to know about them and how they work too.

After sharing that I have been feeling a little more tired and achey lately on my social media, testing company LetsGetChecked reached out to me to offer to send both Adam (my husband) and I some Lyme Disease test kits.

What is Lyme Disease?

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Tests You Need and Optimal Levels as a Hypothyroid Patient

Originally published on 11th March 2016
Last updated on 27th September 2020

As a thyroid patient, the below blood tests are recommended to get the full picture of what’s going on. If you still have symptoms, despite being on thyroid medication, explore these. If you feel well on your thyroid medication, monitor these regularly.

Really, everyone should monitor their thyroid levels. 

You may have to repeatedly ask doctor or try a few different types of medical professionals before you find one who will do all of them. Alternatively, you could order them yourself if this is an option. I have linked to some places below, next to each test.

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Should Thyroid Patients Get The Flu Vaccination?

Originally published on 20th September 2018
Last updated on 23rd September 2020

Vaccinations are always a controversial topic and among thyroid patients, the flu shot/flu jab especially. 

So, should we thyroid patients be getting the flu jab? 

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6 Tips For an Energy Boosting Morning Routine as a Thyroid Patient

It’s no secret that many of us find mornings to be difficult when living with hypothyroidism, and often, other things alongside this too (such as adrenal dysfcuntion, Hashimoto’s, gut issues, chronic fatigue etc.)

Waking up feeling fatigued, nauseated, dizzy, weak, brain fogged and understandably grumpy are all reported back to me by fellow thyroid patients on a regular basis. One of the biggest complaints I hear is around waking up feeling unrefreshed and in fact more tired than when we got in to bed the night before!

Rachel Migraine

Since my diagnosis of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, as well as experiencing ‘adrenal fatigue’ (thought it is more accurately referred to as ‘hypothalamic-pituitary axis dysfunction’), blood sugar imbalances, oestrogen dominance and leaky gut – which all formed part of my ‘big thyroid jigsaw puzzle‘ over the years – I’ve learnt a lot when it comes to starting my day off as positively as possible.

The below tips are things that I have personally found to help me in the morning. Continue reading “6 Tips For an Energy Boosting Morning Routine as a Thyroid Patient”

Book Review: The Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough by Mary J. Shomon

Mary Shomon is a well-recognised and well-respected thyroid patient advocate. Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism, she has been a health activist for over twenty-years. The Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough Book Review

The Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough is just one of several books by Mary. This one looks at how an undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or under-treated thyroid condition could be the cause behind infertility, low libido, menopausal symptoms and other hormonal issues in women.

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