What is Hypothyroidism?

Originally published on 5th March 2016 Last updated on 15th April 2019 Hypothyroidism, also called an underactive thyroid or thyroid disease, is a condition where the thyroid gland does not create enough thyroid hormone/s. The five… More

How I Lost The Weight I Gained From Hypothyroidism

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You, Me and Hypothyroidism

Rachel Hill, founder of TheInvisibleHypothyroidism.com, an award-winning thyroid patient advocacy and website, is providing the first resource for those supporting someone with hypothyroidism; You, Me and Hypothyroidism – When Someone You Love Has Hypothyroidism: Understanding Hypothyroidism… More

Tests You Need and Optimal Levels as a Hypothyroid Patient

Originally published on 11th March 2016 Last updated on 27th March 2019 As a thyroid patient, the below blood tests are recommended to get the full picture of what’s going on. If you still have symptoms,… More

Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Stopped Me Enjoying My Teen Years

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10 Things I Would Tell a Friend Newly Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism

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