What is Hypothyroidism?

Originally published on 5th March 2016 Last updated on 15th April 2019 Hypothyroidism, also called an underactive thyroid or thyroid disease, is a condition where the thyroid gland does not create enough thyroid hormone/s. The five… More

Oestrogen Dominance and Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 14th November 2017 Last updated on 8th May 2021 As well as thyroid hormones, many other hormones are also part of the endocrine system, which all work in a delicate balance with… More

Foot Pain and Hypothyroidism

Before my hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s were well treated, I would frequently wake up with foot pain in the mornings. Although they visibly looked normal, it would feel as if I was walking on broken glass,… More

Tests You Need and Optimal Levels as a Hypothyroid Patient

Originally published on 11th March 2016 Last updated on 18th April 2021 As a thyroid patient, the below blood tests are recommended to get the full picture of what’s going on. If you still have symptoms,… More

Hypothyroidism and Disability Benefits

Originally published on 16th November 2018 Last updated on 11th April 2021 In the Facebook support group I created for thyroid patients, the question of whether we can claim financial support or government/state benefits crops… More

Constipation With Hypothyroidism: It Shouldn’t Be So Embarrassing to Talk About

Experiencing constipation with hypothyroidism is incredibly common, yet many of us are too embarrassed to talk about it and ask if it is ‘normal’. Although it is a common symptom and many thyroid patients still… More