What is Hypothyroidism?

Originally published on 5th March 2016 Last updated on 15th April 2019 Hypothyroidism, also called an underactive thyroid or thyroid disease, is a condition where the thyroid gland does not create enough thyroid hormone/s. The five… More

Hypothyroidism and Disability Benefits

Originally published on 16th November 2018 Last updated on 14th January 2020 In the Facebook support group I created for thyroid patients, the question of whether we can claim financial support or government/state benefits crops… More

Thinning Eyebrows with Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 20th November 2018 Last updated on 7th January 2020 Thinning eyebrows, especially of the outer third which is commonly seen in thyroid patients, can be frustrating and distressing. Many people take to… More

Hair Loss and Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 6th December 2016 Last updated on 7th January 2020 Losing your hair can be very upsetting. It’s not just down to vanity, it also contributes to your identity and is yet another… More

My First Trimester: Pregnancy with NDT, Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s

Going through a pregnancy with Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism and being on unconventional medication for this (NDT – Armour) definitely presented some extra questions and challenges. I was very anxious about the prospect of a pregnancy… More

Tests You Need and Optimal Levels as a Hypothyroid Patient

Originally published on 11th March 2016 Last updated on 2nd December 2019 As a thyroid patient, the below blood tests are recommended to get the full picture of what’s going on. If you still have symptoms,… More

6 Tips For Enjoying The Festive Season with Hypothyroidism

This time of year is known for being fun, enjoyable, a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family and take a break from work. However, once I developed autoimmune hypothyroidism, and during the… More

Hypothyroid Patient Checklist

Originally published on 15th November 2016 Last updated on 25th November 2019 On thyroid medication and still feel rubbish? Wondering if there’s anything else you should try or investigate to see if it would help… More

Gift Ideas for People With Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 21st November 2017 Last updated on 20th November 2019 Having a thyroid patient on your gift shopping list can seem daunting, especially if they follow specific diets or avoid certain chemicals, to… More

Being Hypothyroid with a Normal TSH

Originally published on 13th May 2016 Last updated on 20th November 2019 Have you been told that your TSH is ‘normal’, ‘fine’, ‘OK’,  or ‘in range’, yet still have thyroid symptoms? You may or may… More

Expecting My First Baby with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s

These past few months have been filled with excitement, anxiety and finally: relief, now I reach a time I can comfortably share this news with you all. My husband and I are expecting our first… More

That Embarrassing Topic: A Low Libido/Loss of Sex Drive with Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 11th April 2017 Last updated on 20th September 2019 It shouldn’t be embarrassing to talk about, but it is to many people; The loss of your libido (sex drive) when you have… More

8 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone with Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 25th March 2016 Last updated on 20th September 2019 There are some things you just shouldn’t say to people with hypothyroidism.