The Thyroid Books to Change Your Life

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There are two thyroid books which help those with hypothyroidism to thrive and get the most out of life, by working together. Learn why these books could be the answer to getting your thyroid health and life back on track below. 

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The Thyroid Book for Those with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s

Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate: When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired was written for those who have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s and still feel unwell. This handy book compiles all the information you need to begin advocating for your own health, in one place and in an easy to digest format.

It is a great place to begin when learning to advocate for your thyroid health and understanding what you can do to help yourself. If you’re still feeling unwell despite being on thyroid meds, learn why medication isn’t the only piece of this large jigsaw puzzle.

Covering topics such as thyroid medication options, how to take your medication properly, how to prepare for blood tests but also the tests you need to make sure you’re having, supplements that can help, diet, exercise and more, Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate is a motivational personal story of getting back to good health with thyroid issues, which every thyroid patient needs to read.  

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The Thyroid Book for Those Who Know Someone with Hypothyroidism

You, Me and Hypothyroidism: When Someone You Love Has Hypothyroidism was written for those who know someone with hypothyroidism. This includes the friends, family, spouses, partners and more. It is also a non-overwhelming book with lots of crucial information concerning how hypothyroidism affects people and what loved ones can do to support the thyroid patient in their life. 

You, Me and Hypothyroidism covers topics such as mood swings, fertility, sex drive, understanding dietary changes, mental health, social life, work life, housework, parenting and more.

This book is the first resource for those who know a hypothyroid patient, which helps to ensure that relationships don’t suffer due to hypothyroidism. Many relationships are strained due to loved ones not understanding how hypothyroidism affects the people they know.

How These Books Are Holistic To Your Life With Hypothyroidism

These books work together as one serves the thyroid patient – helping them take control of their health condition and learn what they can actively do to get better – whilst the other helps the people around them to also understand what they can do to support the thyroid patient in this experience.

By providing guidance to both the person with hypothyroidism as well as the people around them, it creates better understanding, awareness and strengthened relationships.

It is a two-pronged attack which more of us need.

Find these books on Amazon below:

Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate Book Cover

You, Me and Hypothyroidism Book Cover

Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate: When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

You, Me and Hypothyroidism: When Someone You Love Has Hypothyroidism

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