General Update #14

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I won’t lie, I’ve been struggling lately. Really struggling. I haven’t felt this unwell in a while. Just before Christmas, I seemed to come down with a flu/virus type thing, where I had a fever, felt fluey and had a sore throat and tickly cough. At the same time, I was having recurrent ear infections, which altogether made me feel like trash.

Come the beginning of January, I had the worst ear infection that eventually had to be treated with antibiotics, which I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to. Since the middle of December therefore, I’ve just not felt right again. My skin all over my body is still so itchy, even though the rash from the penicillin reaction has gone, and I’ve scratched my hands, chest, scalp and back red raw.

I also feel so SO fatigued, to the point that my ability to keep up with housework has been hugely affected, I need assistance getting up and down the stairs at times, again, and I spend quite a bit of my free time napping. I’m also struggling to keep up with friends and maintain relationships since I feel so tired, ill and stressed about how I’m struggling. Work is incredibly difficult for me right now.

So yesterday, on Monday, the most common day of the week to take charge and decide to start something new, I created a list of things that I’m going to do to start getting my health back on track again. These include creating a proper bedtime routine and sticking with it, to promote relaxation and better quality sleep, eating less processed foods and spending less time on my phone. I’ve also booked an appointment with my doctor to discuss a full thyroid panel to see what may or may not be going on there, and to talk about the incessant itching. On the NHS choices website, it does say that it can be a sign of hyperthyroidism, so it’s possible I’m over-medicated, but we’ll soon see.

I also need to retest my adrenals at some point, although I feel like doing it right now will obviously show that they’re not doing well, so it seems a waste.

I’ll let you know.

How are you doing?

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