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How I Solved My Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue‘ or ‘adrenal dysfunction’ (though it is more accurately referred to as ‘hypothalamic-pituitary axis dysfunction’)  is a condition not widely recognised by mainstream medicine yet, though it makes a lot of sense to many thyroid patients and is recognised in functional medicine and by functional practitioners.

In fact, in Thyroid Pharmacist Izabella Wentz’s experience, adrenal dysfunction is present in 90% of us with autoimmune hypothyroidism. [1]

I was among that 90% and this article will discuss what I did about it. Continue reading “How I Solved My Adrenal Fatigue”

How to Find a Good Medical Professional for Your Thyroid Condition

Originally published on 17th December 2019
Last updated on 25th April 2021

Finding the right medical professional for you can be time-consuming but very much worth the time. 

Many thyroid patients complain about feeling dismissed and unheard by their doctors, and are not happy with their current testing and treatment.

However, do know that you don’t have to stay with one doctor or practitioner if you don’t feel that they have your health in their best interest, or if you are struggling to build a positive relationship with them. Continue reading “How to Find a Good Medical Professional for Your Thyroid Condition”

Online Sources of Thyroid Information

Originally published on 5th December 2017
Last updated on 25th April 2021

The Invisible Hypothyroidism isn’t the only source of information out there, for thyroid patients. Before I started this very website, I read up about my new diagnosis and what it meant, on what must have been hundreds of websites and articles.

Here are the resources I have created for you:

Filtering other websites can be daunting, so I’ve summed up a list of other places to check-out below.

Those mentioned below are not necessarily endorsed by myself and I cannot control the content or opinions expressed on external websites. They are listed for you to explore. 

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Announcing the American College of Thyroidology!

I’m very excited to share that the American College of Thyroidology will be launching next month, for which I am a Board Member. It’s a new role I’ve been working in for the last six months but can finally talk about now!

American College of Thyroidology

Continue reading “Announcing the American College of Thyroidology!”

Foot Pain and Hypothyroidism

Before my hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s were well treated, I would frequently wake up with foot pain in the mornings. Although they visibly looked normal, it would feel as if I was walking on broken glass, with a tingly feeling on the bottom of my feet and the need to tip toe around for five or so minutes until this weird symptom disappeared. 

Whenever I had thyroid flare up days, I also experienced this perplexing symptom.

Until recently, I didn’t realise that so many other thyroid patients with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s experience this foot pain too. Continue reading “Foot Pain and Hypothyroidism”

Tests You Need and Optimal Levels as a Hypothyroid Patient

Originally published on 11th March 2016
Last updated on 18th April 2021

As a thyroid patient, the below blood tests are recommended to get the full picture of what’s going on. If you still have symptoms, despite being on thyroid medication, explore these. If you feel well on your thyroid medication, monitor these regularly.

Really, everyone should monitor their thyroid levels. 

You may have to repeatedly ask doctor or try a few different types of medical professionals before you find one who will do all of them. Alternatively, you could order them yourself if this is an option. I have linked to some places below, next to each test.

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Thyroid Family Premium!

Are you taking thyroid medication yet still feel unwell?

Are you wondering if there is anything else you could do to help how you feel?

Do you worry your doctor is missing something?

Do you feel alone in all this?

The new, premium monthly Thyroid Family Newsletter equips you with everything you need to know to live well with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. Continue reading “Thyroid Family Premium!”

Join Me at The Online Summit: DIAGNOSED

Your symptoms are real, and the path to finding answers is complicated. It’s not all in your head.

We’ve got your game plan.

Are you ready to reclaim your health?

Join me at the free and online event DIAGNOSED: Your Autoimmune Disease Game Plan and Summit!

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Hypothyroidism and Disability Benefits

Originally published on 16th November 2018
Last updated on 11th April 2021

In the Facebook support group I created for thyroid patients, the question of whether we can claim financial support or government/state benefits crops up fairly often. 

And the responses can get controversial. 

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Constipation With Hypothyroidism: It Shouldn’t Be So Embarrassing to Talk About

Experiencing constipation with hypothyroidism is incredibly common, yet many of us are too embarrassed to talk about it and ask if it is ‘normal’.

Although it is a common symptom and many thyroid patients still experience it despite being on thyroid medication for their hypothyroidism, it isn’t normal to still be experiencing it and we don’t by any means just have to ‘put up with it’. 

Regular bowel movements are crucial to good health, so constipation really shouldn’t be ignored.

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