Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate

Rachel Hill, founder of, an award-winning thyroid patient advocacy and website, has one simple message:

Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate

And this forms the basis of her exciting first book: Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate: When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

An Amazon Top 10 Bestseller and #1 New Release.

Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate Book Cover

Join the many thousands of other people living with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s worldwide who have benefitted from Rachel’s work and writing. This handy book compiles all the information you need to begin advocating for your own health, in one place and in an easy to digest format. It is a great place to begin when learning to advocate for your own health. 

Included in this book:

  • A recounting of Rachel’s personal journey back to good health with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s that will have you saying ‘I relate to this!’
  • The most important information Rachel has learnt along the way so that you can reclaim your health too.
  • Chapters on thyroid medication, blood tests, supplements, mental health and the other pieces of the puzzle you may not have thought about yet.
  • A chapter speaking to the friends and family of someone with hypothyroidism, including how they can support the thyroid patient in their life.
  • Motivational and uplifting passages to support you in your own journey.
  • Chapters on dealing with your diagnosis and remaining in work with hypothyroidism.
  • Rachel’s favourite resources (websites, books and a list of awareness events).

As a thyroid patient who once experienced heavy fatigue and brain fog, Rachel knows firsthand what it’s like to try and absorb heavy medical books. So she’s created a book that is easy to understand and follow, using her popular and well known ‘honest and authentic’ style of writing to address why so many people remain unwell with hypothyroidism, even when on medication. It’s not written like any other thyroid book.

You get it on Amazon, or a signed copy from her Facebook shop.

Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate Book

Feedback from Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s patients:

“Oh my goodness, reading this was like someone turned on every light in my house all at once! I cried, laughed and was truly amazed. If you have Hypothyroidism (or know someone who does) you need to read this book. You are not alone, you are not crazy and you do deserve the right treatment for you….(I deserve the right treatment for me!) I have been diagnosed for 7 years and was told take a pill you’ll be “fine” too…. I have been laughed at by doctors, told it’s my “lifestyle” that’s the problem as my bloods are fine. Hypothyroidism is a serious condition with many many symptoms, it is so frustrating that GP’s are so lacking in knowledge and unwilling to listen. Thank you Rachel for putting this together in a way that explains it perfectly.” – Modern Vintage Mrs on Amazon

“So much brilliant info… The Invisible Hypothyroidism, thanks for a great book.” – @at_no_12, Instagram follower

“I’ve often wondered if I’d ever get my head around so much information never mind the emotions with being told that my hypothyroidism is here to stay. Rachel Hill gets it and says so very simply and eloquently in this book.” – @joy.volution, Instagram follower

“Almost done with your book, a huge thank you. Light bulbs have been switched on and changes are in motion. You have answered so many questions. 15 years is too long to be this tired.” – @alterandcreatebytami, Instagram follower


“The depth of information and manner in which it is presented makes Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate: When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired an effective introduction and guide to thyroid disease as well as an uplifting and motivational tool.” – The National Academy of Hypothyroidism

“Rachel Hill’s book guides patients through the many complexities of thyroid hormone health. She helps to provide patients with a roadmap which includes a whole section dedicated to those most important on our journey… Our support network of family and friends with tips on how they can support us. A great read for patients and those who love us.” – ThyroidChange

“Aren’t personal stories wonderful? Rachel Hill has done a wonderful job summarizing her own experiences towards feeling better as a Hashi’s warrior, as well as presenting information gleaned from Stop the Thyroid Madness and others, plus her own website. Let Rachel’s book take you on a wonderful journey!”   Janie A. Bowthorpe, M.Ed. of Stop The Thyroid Madness

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who is suffering from a thyroid disorder and would like to get well.” – Dr Nikolas Hedberg, author of The Complete Thyroid Health and Diet Guide

“Rachel Hill tells the thyroid patient’s story through her own words and experience. Taking her readers step-by-step through her own thyroid journey, she walks beside them as an invisible guide on their road to healing. Rachel recognizes that there is no universal approach to thyroid care but, instead, one primary goal – to restore thyroid health and regain one’s joy for living. BRAVO Rachel for writing your story to help others along the same healing journey!” – Dr Brittany Henderson

“[The Invisible Hypothyroidism has] the most amount of information I’ve seen in one place about hypothyroidism! On researching the condition… and trying to generally find information from a UK source, [The Invisible Hypothyroidism] has been the best.” – Never Mind The Thyroid

“Well done on getting your story out there! It’s great to know it’s resonating and people are listening! Very empowering!” – @Happy_Hashimoto, Instagram follower