Media Kit

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In terms of collaborations, advertisements etc. by The Invisible Hypothyroidism, please do be aware that all of these are always true and honest in my opinions of products, services etc. This also includes pieces I may write for other websites. I only collaborate with other people and brands that I feel are a natural fit.

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Further Projects and Achievements




  • I was due to speak at The Annual Thyroid Conference in the UK in October 2019, before the event was unfortunately cancelled by the host due to her other commitments.


  • I have been interviewed by the BBC several times; on Radio 1, on BBC World Service and for a written article here.
  • I was interviewed via video for a documentary by London Live about how I work with Medichecks, and the kinds of issues thyroid patients face.



Awards, Nominations, Endorsements and Support for The Invisible Hypothyroidism 

“If you are looking for friendly, down-to-earth, commentary and information on thyroid conditions, The Invisible Hypothyroidism is the place to go.” – The National Academy of Hypothyroidism.

  • I was nominated for eight 2019 WEGO Health Awards and six 2018 WEGO Health Awards.
  • I was nominated for Best Personal Development Blog at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2019.
  • Awarded ‘One Of The Top Thyroid Blogs You Need to Read’ by The National Academy of Hypothyroidism.
  • Awarded one of the ‘2018 Top 10 Patient Leader Blogs’ by WEGO Health.
  • Awarded 3rd Place and 9th Place in the Top Hypothyroidism Websites List and Top Thyroid Websites List, respectively.
  • I was given the Blogger Recognition Award.
  • The book The End of Chronic Fatigue said: “Rachel Hill’s site, The Invisible Hypothyroidism, is hands down the best thyroid blog for thyroid patients. Rachel is an amazing writer with hundreds of fantastic posts for whatever questions or struggles you may be facing.”

I have also received lots of great feedback from thyroid patients that my work has helped over the years, please see their feedback here.

Work With Me

  • I accept guest posts from others as well as sponsored posts on as long as they are suitable to my audience and of high enough quality.
  • I can write an article for your website or channel, as a one-off piece or as and when requested, but also as a regular contributor.
  • I can feature you, your product or service on my social media or in my email newsletter, which is published once every two weeks to thousands of subscribers.
  • I can review your product or service in a sponsored article published on my site or yours, as long as it is suitable to my audience.
  • You can purchase advertisement space on my blog i.e. in the side or bottom widget.
  • I am happy to be interviewed via Skype, Zoom, other video/audio or email.
  • I am available for podcast discussions.

Please contact me for more information on these opportunities and if you have any suggestions on another way we could collaborate.

Please note that as per Google’s policy, paid for pieces and work will not include a dofollow back to your site/services/products etc. And I only work with content that is suitable to my audience and of high quality.