Your Attitude Is Everything

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An attitude that says  ‘I deserve to feel better’ and ‘I’m going to get better’, is one that will show you results.

You can’t expect to get better when living with hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s if you have a negative mindset such as ‘There’s no point’, ‘I’ll never get better anyway’, ‘I’ve been ill for so long anyway’, ‘It’d take ages for me to feel well again’, ‘I can’t be bothered’, ‘What’s the point?’

If you think like this, then you may’s well accept you’re never going to feel better. And who wants to accept that? Unless you’re willing to become your own advocate, and actually do something about it, giving it your best shot, you can’t expect to make progress.

The sad thing is, worldwide, thyroid patients complain of doctors who don’t know how to get them well again. Yes, we should be able to rely on medical professionals to help us make a recovery, but relying on them seems to keep a lot of us ill.

I’m not saying the journey back to better health is easy – it’s definitely not! And it’s different for all of us. For some of us, we get our thyroid levels optimal, and we feel much better. For others, they have to switch thyroid medication or make adjustments. Some of us unearth vitamin deficiencies or adrenal problems that need fixing to feel better. Some of us have other health conditions that also need to be correctly managed, and balanced with our thyroid problem, in order to feel well. We’re all individual. But the sooner you start working on it, the sooner you’ll be feeling better again.

No one ever wishes they had started doing something later, but people always wish they had started doing something earlier. 

We have to keep digging and unearthing to get to the root of our thyroid disease. Sometimes, it can seem endless, and at times you’ll think ‘What is the point?!’ but the point is:

You deserve it. Don’t make yourself any less worthy of feeling well, than anyone else.

Become empowered, be your own thyroid advocate and be proud. Make progress, learn lots, empower others, become stronger and become knowledgeable.

Own it, live it, embrace it.

If you can find a doctor or medical professional who will work at this with you, even better.

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