Thinning Eyebrows with Hypothyroidism

Originally published on 20th November 2018 Last updated on 7th January 2020 Thinning eyebrows, especially of the outer third which is commonly seen in thyroid patients, can be frustrating and distressing. Many people take to investing in make-up or procedures such as micro-blading each and every year to ‘correct’ their eyebrow hair loss, but what if it could be down to your thyroid? The above photos were taken in August 2018 and October 2018, just six weeks apart, but the eyebrow growth astounded me. After years of thyroid problems, over-plucking my eyebrows and assuming I’d never have naturally thick brows again, I was really surprised by the outcome in such a short space of time. Within six weeks, I had gone from filling in my eyebrows with make-up daily, to doing absolutely nothing with them … Continue reading Thinning Eyebrows with Hypothyroidism