The National Academy of Hypothyroidism’s Review of Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate

The National Academy of Hypothyroidism's Review of Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate
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The National Academy of Hypothyroidism kindly read and reviewed my first book Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate: When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired, ahead of its release this week. 

Some snippets include:

  • The depth of information and manner in which it is presented makes Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate: When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired an effective introduction and guide to thyroid disease as well as an uplifting and motivational tool.
  • Hill’s genuine and forthright tone makes comprehension of the complex and potentially confusing topic of thyroid function, treatment, and research, easy to understand without diluting its value.
  • Those looking to gain a better understanding of thyroid disease and the many elements that accompany it will find that Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate: When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired is an excellent place to start.
  • After reading Hill’s book, thyroid patients will realize that even though it may seem that their disease isolates them, they are truly never alone.

You can find the full review here.

I thought I’d respond to the line “Readers may be surprised by the strong criticism of typical or traditional medical practices,” just to say clarify that I have always said (and do say in the book) that some thyroid patients do absolutely fine on standard treatment within mainstream and conventional medicine, but I just want to let those who don’t (like myself) know that there are other options out there that could help them.  I still see a regular GP on the NHS who is supportive of my current thyroid treatment and management, so I don’t reject traditional medical practises, I’m just providing a different light and showing alternatives.

Furthermore, in regards to “much of Hill’s experiences with doctors, as described in the book, paints them in a negative light,” again, I thought I’d just clarify that this isn’t because I dislike doctors (in fact, I love my current doctors as I’ve gotten a lot better under their care), but just that unfortunately, in my experience (which is largely what the book is about) I have had negative experiences. Hope this helps provide more background to the book!

You can find the full review by NAH here and preorder the eBook now.

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Rachel Hill is the highly ranked and multi-award winning thyroid patient advocate, writer, speaker and author behind The Invisible Hypothyroidism. Her thyroid advocacy work includes writing articles, authoring books, producing her Thyroid Family email newsletters and speaking on podcasts and at events about the many aspects thyroid disease affects and how to overcome these. She is well-recognised as a crucial and influential contributor to the thyroid community and has a large social media presence. Her bestselling books include "Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate" and "You, Me and Hypothyroidism".

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