That Butterfly Shaped Gland

That Butterfly Shaped Gland
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The thyroid gland is butterfly shaped. Sitting at the front of the neck, this little gland is responsible for a lot of functions and when it underperforms, it causes hypothyroidism, a condition with many symptoms.

These symptoms can include, fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, sleep disturbances, weight gain, hormonal issues, acid reflux, hair loss and a low sex drive, to name just a few.

With the thyroid gland being butterfly shaped, I thought I would share some of the photos I took at a butterfly farm last month.

A beautiful orange butterfly with white tips on the wings

An orange butterfly on a wooden bench arm

A white and black butterfly on pink flowers

A yellow and green butterfly

An orange centered butterfly with black and orange wings

An orange spotted butterfly

An orange butterfly sat on small white and pink flower

3 Orange butterflies on a red, orange and yellow flower

A bright orange butterfly on small yellow flowers

A black moth of a banana leaf

Two black and white striped butterflies on a leaf

A spotted black and white butterfly

Rachel next to a orange and black moth

An orange and black butterfly

A black and cream striped butterfly

An orange and black butterfly next to berries

Just beautiful, aren’t they?

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