Doughnuts Over Diets!

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TW: Mental Health, Body Image, Disordered Eating

If only gluten-free doughnuts were easier to find…

Since the new year I’ve been trying to become more body positive.

Tired of warring with my chronically ill body (hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, chronic fatigue etc.), instead of focusing on always trying to lose weight by dieting, I’m just trying to give my body the love it needs to get better.

Don’t get me wrong, doughnuts are certainly not a part of my daily meals (in fact, it’s been over a year since I last ate one) but I wouldn’t turn one down because of wanting to lose weight anymore.

The message on my vest is still relevant. I just want to be happy. I’m focusing on nourishing my body instead, with healthy foods and the nutrients and vitamins it needs with treat foods included, instead of restricting calorie intake in an unhealthy, obsessive way – like I used to.

I also have a post scheduled for a few weeks’ time about how dieting, reducing calories and carbs can even make you more hypothyroid. Read it here.

As the thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism, many of us experience weight fluctuations, but I am more than my weight and you are too. You’re chronically fabulous.

I initially posted these images on my Facebook and Instagram page and then decided to share the message on my blog too, as overcoming my eating disorder has been a big part of my thyroid health journey.

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I’d be interested to know whether others feel disordered eating/eating disorders are linked to their chronic health conditions. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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One thought on “Doughnuts Over Diets!

  1. Donuts over diets… I love it!!
    I really needed to read this because I’ve been struggling a bit lately, especially with weight gain and the emotions going on that make me procrastinate and focus on productivity and things that just aren’t important over the things that are, like nourishing my body, acknowledging the turmoil I’m facing, and looking after myself. It’s easier to look at dieting and setting weight goals than it is to work on what’s really going on, and to appreciate your body for what it does and be kind, yet it’s so important. I want one of those tees!
    Here’s to life and donuts over dieting!! 🙂
    Caz x

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