Adrenaline and the Link to Your Thyroid

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I’ve got a big day ahead of me today,with two major things happening. Apart from feeling nervous about them, I have SO much energy. Why? I’m thinking: adrenaline. 

The adrenal glands are part of the endocrine system, as is the thyroid gland, so they work together.

My adrenals seem to be kicking in by providing me with an adrenaline boost, the hormone that initiates the fight (from fight or flight) response. It gives us what we need to face potentially scary situations. These situations can be anything from waiting for a ride at a theme park, having an important meeting, a job interview, doctor appointment or being in a serious accident. You hear about people being able to lift heavy weights after/during a serious accident, such as lifting a car to get people out from underneath it, and adrenaline is always reported as the reason why.

Adrenaline can make your heart pound faster, increase blood pressure, give you more energy and increase blood flow to muscles, while mobilizing sugar to burn. It can also temporarily affect your metabolic rate. Our bodies respond to the ‘threatening situation’ by generating a huge amount of energy in a short amount of time, which enables us to either run away, or face the ‘threat’ and fight it with a massive influx of chemical support.

I noticed I had increased energy, from my usual lack of it, when I could run up the stairs and run to catch the tram this morning without feeling worn out by it. That sort of thing would have me breathless, normally!

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Written by Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism

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