10 Songs For Thyroid Patients: Part Nine

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This is part nine of my selection of songs that motivate, inspire, uplift or otherwise connect with me on tough health days.

You can also see: parts one to eight here.

I find that music is often the best remedy for when I’m feeling low, fed up, defeated or frustrated, especially during thyroid flare ups, so I wanted to share my favourites for when I feel down, defeated, frustrated or otherwise need a pick-me-up. I hope you like them too.

So here are my next ten songs, numbers 81 to 90.

81. Walk Alone by Tom Walker and Rudimental

This uplifting song is great on days I need a pick-me-up. And these lyrics in particular remind me of the ever-supportive thyroid community:

And you may walk a lonely road
But you will never walk, walk, walk alone

82. Don’t Give Up On Me by Andy Grammer

This very emotional song features on the soundtrack for the film “Five Feet Apart” which looked at cystic fibrosis patients.

Much of the lyrics to this song reminded me once again of the support I received from fellow thyroid patients which helped me get through the really tough years of thyroid disease. But they also made me think of my husband and how thankful I am to him for his support through chronic illness and how tough it has been on our relationship at times.

‘Cause I’m not givin’ up
I’m not givin’ up, givin’ up, no, not yet

83. We Are Warriors by Avril Lavigne

‘Cause we are warriors, we’ll fight for our lives
Like soldiers all through the night
And we won’t give up, we will survive, we are warriors
And we’re stronger, that’s why we’re alive
We will conquer, time after time
We’ll never falter, we will survive, we are warriors

This is the sort of song you need to hear on days your thyroid disease feels really tough. Just remember: you’re a thyroid warrior and you will conquer this.

84. Hold Space by Ward Thomas

I find this song to be a really reassuring listen and perfect on slow Sunday mornings.

85. Saving grace by Kodaline

When you’re out in the open
And you’re tired of hoping
I’ll be there in a moment
I’ll be by your side
When you’re scared and you’re lonely
When there’s no one to hold you
I just want you to know that
I’ll be by your side
You keep me strong when I can’t carry on

86. Little Bit of Love by JP cooper

Just like many of the other songs in this list, this song is all about support, friendship and opening up to those around us when we’re struggling.

If you’re lost and alone in the dark and you’re all cried out
If you’re bruised and you’re broken, I’m hoping you’ll hear me out
Sometimes everybody needs a
Little bit of love

87. Proud by Heather Small

This is the perfect song for lifting your mood! On bad thyroid days, we should feel proud about achieving even the smallest of things, such as getting out of bed, knowing to rest or taking a shower.

88. My Way by Aloe Blacc

The lyrics “I’m Gonna Do it My Way” mean a lot to me. There are several aspects of the way I live my life which don’t make sense to others without chronic illness.

I’m gluten-free, I don’t drink alcohol, I prioritise sleep and rest and I take non-conventional thyroid medication. But I’m doing it all in a way that makes sense to me. And that’s all that matters.

89. My People by Samuel Jack

This is for My People
Falling down, coming back stronger
The down and outs, standing up taller
We keep on rising from the gutter
Through the fire
Oh don’t’ stop fighting for it
We keep on rising when we’re
Falling down, coming back stronger
This is for My People

90. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

This one’s for when you really just need to shake the negativity off.

Do you like any of these songs? Let me know below!

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